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Read more about our 2020-2021 competition car, Lando, its specifications and team members below.




2020 was the start of a new era for the team; our electrical team developed significantly, being joined by highly motivated individuals including our new electrical supervisor, Dr. Mark Broadmeadow. This much needed support allowed our team to push to reach the incredible milestone of getting our third iteration of electric vehicle driving; successfully completing its first car park test and track-day with flying colours. We officially gained the title of the first Australian Formula SAE team to complete a four-wheel-drive electric vehicle. Lando was also QUT Motorsport’s first car to have a carbon fibre chassis with the help of new partner, LSM Advanced Composites. 


This allowed us to save over half the weight of our 2019 car, QEV-2, saving a total of 25Kg! Another exciting partnership with Brisbane BMW Bodyshop allowed us to bring our ambitious livery concept to life in dedication to our Vehicle Dynamics Lead, Tom Hardyman. Due to COVID-19, the official Formula SAE competition dynamic events were cancelled, however a local competition was held with Griffith and UQ Racing teams. Unfortunately due to electrical issues we were not able to compete dynamically however we did pass scruitineering which was a major highlight and goal;  it was the first time that a QUT Motorsport electric car had passed scruitineering at competition. We managed to do the same at the Official Formula SAE Online Competition and placed 2nd in Design Event, 2nd in Cost Event and 5th in Business Presentation Event. Our team scored the highest amount of points in the competition in a field of 14 teams!

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