Our Partners

At QUT Motorsport, we greatly value our partners and their contributions to our teams' growth and our members personal learning. We feel very privileged to be able to work with these amazing brands and we hope to continue our relationships with them and create many more as our team moves forward.


Since the team's formation in 2003, the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has provided crucial support for QUT Motorsport to continue developing competition cars for the FSAE competitions. QUT's contributions have been invaluable to the growth of the team and the amazing students involved. Not only providing industry standard facilities, but also giving us the amazing expertise and backing from QUT staff, particularly those from the Science and Engineering Faculty, QUT Sport and the QUT Guild.


Laser Central

Laser Central is Brisbane's premier metal processing company. They have been operating for over 20 years and aren't showing any signs of slowing down. Laser Central has always been committed to giving back to their community by supporting innovation and education projects such as QUT Motorsport.

"Laser Central is a 100% Australian, family-owned metal processing company based out of Richlands in Brisbane. We provide premium services for flat and tubular metal products, offering laser-cutting services across the board. Whether you’re seeking a specialist metal cutter, pipe cutting services, or even metal folding capabilities – we can cater to very specific needs with ease. We’re responsive to whatever our customers need, and are always aiming to be the best in the laser cutting industry. We work together with our customers to creatively deliver opportunities that empower them to achieve long-lasting success, forging strong partnerships and a high level of trust in our capabilities."



Partec is a registered training provider that provides courses in composites and plastics technology. Their aim as an organisation is to lift students knowledge in these areas and be a resource for high schools, TAFE colleges and universities. Each year a number of our members undertake a five day course to learn the basics of working with composite. The team pulls from the great knowledge base that the company has, to assist in our designs and utilise composite materials to produce lighter and stronger parts for our car. 


Ayres produce lightweight composite panels for a broad range of applications and industries. We utilise their aluminium honeycomb panels to construct our monocoque chassis. By using a honeycomb panel we are able to produce a strong and quality chassis far easier than the traditional space frame variety.


Queensland Raceways

Queensland Raceways operates two tracks inside Queensland with a multitude of events held under different racing disciplines ranging from recreational to professional. QR graciously allows us to use the Lakeside Park for track testing. This allows for collection of data, validation of results and driver training to be conducted, all essential for the successful design of a car.

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Dassault Systemes

Dassault Systemes sells a number of 3D modelling packages for use in a number of applications. They provide licenses for the team to use their programs. Computer Aided Design provides numerous advantages in design and manufacture process of parts; it it an essential skill for future engineers to have.


Alpha Office Furniture

Alpha office furniture operates under the parent company PCF Australia and produces custom office furniture. They were kind enough this year to use their CNC machines to produce our chassis jig to ensure the chassis was made exactly as designed.


As a part of the FSAE competition ruleset, we are required to have an insulation monitoring device (IMD) to ensure the safety of the driver and those around the car. Like many teams we have utilised the current partnership that Bender has in the Formula SAE competition and will be using their device on our car. It’s a very special device being one of the only electrical boards that aren’t designed and built by the team!

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