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2020 Design Camp

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

2020 kicked off for our team with our annual Design Camp Internship. It was an opportunity for our members and new interns who participated to work on the design and development goals that we have set for the year.

This year was the first time the internship was available to students from the Business Faculty to work alongside engineering students. Work was focused on implementing strategies to develop the business team across all areas such as sponsorship, finance media/marketing, and project management.

It was another chance for our already established engineering teams to begin initial development concepts and ideas for our 2020 car. Our technical teams included those from mechanical; specialising in pedals, suspension, uprights & chassis. It also included teams working in electrical, software, IT and autonomous areas.

The 4 weeks consisted of varied tasks across a range of fields of the program including track-testing which entailed collecting relevant data for our teams to analyse from our 2012 car. It was also a chance for our newest members to experience a QUT Motorsport track-day.

We were lucky enough to have regular consultation QUT Motorsport team alumni Lorenzo Scalabrini and Eamon Burke, now co-founders and directors of IO Dynamics. Their knowledge base and experience with the team and industry was especially beneficial to our members and interns who will be working on implementing some of their key advice. They are pictured below with our 2020 executive team.

From left: Gabrielle Devine (Finance Officer), Luke McCallum (Team Principal), Eamon Burke (QUT Motorsport alumni), Lorenzo Scalabrini (QUT Motorpsort alumni), Aaron Christopher (Project Manager) & Vivien Muschter (Secretary)

Presentations detailing the awesome work our teams completed throughout the four weeks of the internship, took place on one of the final days. It was an opportunity for each team to inform the rest of QUT Motorsport, QUT staff and alumni of their achievements.

The knowledge gained by our members through this experience will continue to serve them throughout their studies as well as in their future careers. Design Camp is an important part of our team's year; establishing great initial work to set our team up for success. We hope to continue the awesome momentum throughout the rest of 2020.

Photos by Alison Powell

Alison Powell

Media Coordinator

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