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International Women's Day

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

To mark International Women's Day on Sunday 8th March, we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the work of the women in our team and their wonderful commitment to the project.

Today is a great opportunity to publicly recognise the amazing women that help drive the success in QUT Motorsport. The team has a strong commitment to showing support of our female colleagues for not only days like today, but ensuring that we make known our recognition on a daily basis. Their leadership, innovation and teamwork skills are highly valued, especially in an industry where the presence of women has historically lacked.

We are privileged to have a strong growth of women in our team, with contributions being made across many sub-teams of the project including our executive and leadership roles. They supervise and contribute to a range of projects in areas across business, engineering, media and management to name a few. Their contributions have been critical to the project as a whole and their dedication has been inspiring to new prospective members.

The team endeavours to cultivate a positive and inclusive environment. It is also a great platform for all students to exercise their learnings and develop their skills across a range of disciplines. Some of the projects that are being worked on by our female members include:

- Financial management, budget forecasting and inventory processes

- Design and system documentation

- Development of the team's branding including public relations, creation of social media content and visual representation of the team.

- Electrical team's documentation and process development.

- Administrative tasks such as corporate communications; liaising with university, industry and team representatives.

- Development of accumulator packaging and fitment, as well as ‘wheel upright’ analysis.

- Sponsorship development and management

- Organisation of our team's cost report and pitch of our business case presentation as part of Formula SAE static events.

Pictured above are just a few of our female executive and leadership team members including our Finance Officer (Gabrielle Devine), Secretary (Vivien Muschter), Business Manager (Adyasha Nanda) and Media Coordinator (Alison Powell). There are countless others doing crucial work across our sub-teams.

Photos by Michael Hanau & Alison Powell

We as a team are so grateful for the amazing work they do and their continued dedication to QUT Motorsport.

Alison Powell

Media Coordinator

Luke McCallum

Team Principal

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