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QUT Motorsport July 2019 Track-Day

The team ventured to lakeside raceway for a track test day with the team's Combustion test vehicle 'Ozanne'. There was a series of tests planned for the day, involving driver training and some technical advancements to be trialled.

The day began with a quick shakedown to ensure the vital systems of the car were functioning correctly, before more serious laps were carried out. The team was working with some new sensors on the car, as the main purpose for the day involved ensuring these sensors were functioning and logging correctly through the vehicle's MoTec data logging system. Most of the day's testing was planned to be small stints used for analysing small changes to the vehicle.

The plan for the afternoon was to trial new drivers in the vehicle, as a reward for their hard work in the team. This was also an opportunity to start evaluating drivers in preparation for the 2019 Formula SAE competition.

All of the current testing is carried out on old tyres, so that the drivers can get used to handling the vehicle in less than ideal grip conditions. A technical issue with the car stopped the session just after lunch, so the afternoon was cut short however some useful data was acquired in the process. The team plans to return to the track in the near future to complete the testing program.

Photos by: Michael Hanau

Isaac Baldry

Aerodynamics Lead

QUT Motorsport

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