Read more about our 2014-2018 competition car, QEV-1, its specifications and team members below.



After three years of work, QUT Motorsport debuted their first electric car at the 2016 FSAE-A competition. The car featured an all-wheel drive system (A first for an Australian team) with custom built motor controllers. Each motor is fitted to a custom designed, in-hub gearbox with a 4.5:1 reduction ratio. 

Unfortunately, QUT Motorsport were unable to get the innovative drivetrain system up and running in time to compete in the dynamic events of the competition. QUT Motorsport did however compete in the cost report, business presentation and design judging categories, placing 28th, 26th, and 23rd respectively. 

Whilst it was disappointing to be watching from the sidelines during competition, the team learnt a great deal from their time in Melbourne.